Never Talk to Strangers…………….

The second blog from our collaboration with Gill Williams to examine and capture the underwater views around Skye.  Clear waters off the Waternish pennisular allowed some very detailed images of a jellyfish (junvenile Lion's Mane??) to be created along with a fish swimming amongst it's tentacles.  For most people their view of a jellyfish is either washed up on the beach, where they do look sorry for themselves, and die very quickly,  or looking straight down on top of them when they cluster around harbour quaysides.  For many open water swimmers their view of the jellyfish is as a source of stings from their tentacles which can stretch for a long way from the main body.  However Gill has captured how delicate these creatures are as they move though the water, constantly changing shape and reflecting the light differently through their movement.


And as for the fish, well it was quite happy going in and out amongst the tentacles so they can't have been strangers after all!  And finally the best way not get stung when photographing jellyfish.....................get Gill to do the in water work.  Some great images, thank you Gill.


Click on any of the images to view are larger version.

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