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The "Alligin" of Alligin Photography comes from Beinn Alligin found on the northern banks of Loch Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland.  It is a favourite mountain of both directors of Alligin (UK) Ltd which trades as Alligin Photography.  The traverse of Being Alligin's ridge is a strenuous but satisfying day's walk in some of the best mountain countryside available in the UK.  The area supports a wide variety of fauna, animal and birdlife.  On a clear day the views from it's twin peaks are stunning.  A mountain that provides a challenge, inspiration and a sense of achievement when traversed.

Alligin Photography is a trading name of Alligin (UK) Ltd

Registered address: Alligin (UK) Ltd, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4 JR
Company Number: 457126 VAT Registration Number: 168422986

Geraint Ashton Jones – Director

A love of the outdoors, its wildlife and sport has defined me and my outlook on life.  As I have grown older and the mountain marathons have taken their toll on my legs I no longer rush past our great landscapes, strain to get to the next check point, drive onward and upward to reach the distance summit or to discover how far I could push myself in the pursuit of exhaustion.  Instead, with a slower pace, I now seek to travel within the landscape.   With more time to observe there is more time to appreciate what we have around us, if only we give nature the chance to reveal Herself.

With time I have been more able to appreciate the subtle changes in nature brought by the seasons and our famous weather.  To appreciate how light can transform the view of our surroundings and finally to appreciate the beauty, grace, subtlety and diversity of british wildlife in its natural habitat.  My prime motivation remains to be at one with my surroundings and to get close to some of Britain’s wild animals.  My photography serves as a way of capturing, as best I can, those special moments that I enjoy in the great outdoors.  For me, each one is evocative and has a story attached.  I hope that through my images I can convey some of the passion and delight that I have found in our wonderfully diverse countryside.

Sport has always been my release.  I have been fortunate enough to have participated at a reasonable level in rugby, sailing, cycling and running.  With twenty six years Naval experience I was both a competitor and a judge in the Royal Navy’s Brickwood’s Field Gun and also observed at close quarters the Command Field Gun competition before its demise.  Both field gun and rugby epitomise, for me, the values and emotions that only true team sports can foster.  Where the role of the individual is subservient to the needs of the team if both individual and team goals are to be realised.  Both have proved to be an excellent framework for my view of life in a business and recreational sense.  My photography of sport, primarily rugby and endurance sport, is still taken from the stance of an enthusiastic observer of the sporting athlete.  To me the success of any photograph is if it provokes an emotional response. Sporting photography is very often focussed on either success or despair but I have a keen interest in the mental challenge of sport, particularly endurance sport, and I try to capture the psychological battle the athlete may be experiencing.   With sporting photographs I also hope to convey the team work, team spirit, commitment, power and grace that rugby and so many other sports portray.  It is a pursuit of the end of the rainbow but that should never be an excuse to diminish the ambition.

A Team Effort

Alligin Photography has wide experience of putting together bespoke teams of photographers to cover client's requirements at sporting and corporate events. We understand the power of images and words to support company aims in the rapidly changing business environment and produce images that can be used from social media right through to high end marketing. We have experience of providing images and reporting during live events as well providing fine art images to provide a beautiful hand finished photograph to capture a special moment of achievement. At many events we utilise of expertise and passion for life and photography to helps others to capture better images for themselves either through use of our professional standard equipment, there own cameras or more and more using their phone.

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