Whether it is sport or any other special event so often it is the emotion that provides the lasting memories. Alligin Photography has extensive experience of capturing the emotion of the day and providing the images that create those lasting memories of both individual and shared experiences. Working closely with clients we first ensure we have a deep understanding about you, your event and your expectations. From this we can produce a portfolio of images that mirror your needs. We regularly provide different galleries of images to support the differing requirements of presentations, marketing or simply 'capturing the moment'.

Images can be provided in a variety of digital forms with proofs watermarked with either ours or your company's logo. We provide full metadata with all images and also often provide copy to support the images and meet a clients requirements. For a number of clients we have provided a digital library to allow self service provision of images formatting for social media, online or printed use.

In the sporting environment we often capture images during pre event training time as well as competition. This often affords us the opportunity to capture angles and emotions not available during live events.

And finally.....................

As a company we are aware that the sun does not always shine and not everything may go to plan. Be assured that we are experienced in all conditions and are prepared to get our feet wet if the needs arise.

Some events are more memorable than others!