Daffodil Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

St David's Day Daffodil

Tuesday of this week started with grey mist rolling in to the garden from the Sound of Sleat.  The finest of mizzle in the air settled in tiny droplets on everything and the light was flat.  The wetness brought out the best in the colour of the daffodils which are abundant this year so I decided I would spend a few moments experimenting with light and composition to try and create a suitable daffodil image for St David's Day.


I used a single Profoto B10, which can be used as both a strobe light or a continuous light.  In continuous mode I dialled the light down so it was at its warmest setting to replicate early morning sun, towards the end of the golden hour.  Then I spent a few moments adjusting composition and exposure settings to get the look I wanted.  I was keen to bring out the delicate texture of the daffodil as well, of course, of its distinctive shape.  The texture is high lighted in the black and white image I created but in the end a daffodil without colour could not be countenanced.


So in the end I decided on the first and last image in this blog, utilising low key effects to just leave the primary head correctly exposed and some colour from other daffodil heads adding to the frame.  Unlike still life work the flowers relationship to each other is all the work of Nature.

Day 2

Below are images created on Wednesday, which was in stark contrast to the Tuesday morning.  Clear skies with a wonderful sunrise brought natural warmth to the images.

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