Red Deer Majestic in Light Snow Covering

Once again this was not a planned trip to observe and capture some images of red deer.  Two dats earlier my trip to INverness airport had been marked by the reults of heavy rain.  Swollen burns and foaming run off cascading down the mountain sides provided a dramitic back drop to the journey.  On my return the temperature had dropped and the Scottish highlands were wearing a familiar winter coat after a light dusting of snow.


The snow makes the red deer far easier to spot and also brings them down from the upper slopes.  This small group of young stags were busy grazing on moss they were rucking up with their hooves through the snow.  They were a wary group and did not allow me to get too close and were always attentive to my every move.  As usual walking obliquely allowed me to close a little and create a few satisfying images of these majestic creatures before the cold and the wetness soaking through my very inappropriate footwear confirmed that it was time for me to leave them to enjoy their grazing in peace.


All images taken with a Sony RX10 that I am currently testing.

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