Working With Colour and Contrast

Gareth 'Bombhead' Smith, a member of the FRUC showing a rare turn of pace. Always good to see the ball in two hands.
Matt Dawson, flanker and occasional hooker, weighing up the odds as he takes the ball in to heavy CURFC traffic.

Making the Most of Colour and Contrast

The lights at Cambridge University are notoriously poor.  With an ISO set up at 12800 and a lens opened at 2.8 there were parts of the pitch which were still no go zones with shutter speeds dropping down to 1/400th.  I was keen to create some images to add to the Photo Story page we are building on behalf of the Army Rugby Union but wanted something other than standard action images with high levels of background noise and grain.  Fading out colour is a commonly used technique but due to the amount of noise I also decided to under expose the faded part of the image and then add contrast to mask (make a virtue) of the noise.  The results were the five images attached which are currently being worked into a photo story which should be online in the next week to 10 days.  Click on an image for a larger version.

Click here for all the photo stories produced for the Army Rugby Union.

Chris Leathem played at centre but I have more often watched him on the wing or full back. He showed his winger's pace when he spotted this gap in the CURFC defence.
Craig Edwards low running style will be familiar to anyone who has watched the Army VIIs over the last couple of seasons.
Pete Austin preparing to pack down at an attacking 5m scrum.

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