‘Waves’ and Winter Sunshine

I have always been fascinated by water whether it is line shining on it, the wide repertoire of sounds it generates or its motion.  The images on this blog were taken in late December when the sun struggles to get high in the winter sky and was behind the waves that were gently breaking on our perfectly secluded sandy beach at the Point of Sleat.  Through using a wide angle lens and standing in the very cold Atlantic waters I wanted to capture a range of images that showcased the different stages and forms that the sea water goes through as a wave breaks and rolls to shore.  With a very low camera angle, just above the water level, the waves were backlit and I knew the 11mm lens was going to give a good perspective.  For the sake of honesty I have included, as the last image, a shot of the beach.  You can see that I was only working with the gentlest of waves that ebbed and flowed over the sand and rock.  The Atlantic at its best behaved self - but still cold around the ankles.

All images were taken with a Canon 1DXMkII and with the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L lens at 11mm.  Aperture was f7.1, ISO 1250 and exposure varied between 1/1,000th and 1/8,000th with either 1/3 or 2/3 -stop of exposure.

A gentle off shore breeze also helped to lift the water as the wave started to break.
By using an 11mm lens the camera is very close to the wave and water so it is impossible to prevent water splashes on the lens.
The low sunlight shines through the breaking foam which refracts it to form highlights from gold through to magenta.
As can be seen, it was a beautiful and very tranquil day on the crowded beach. The Isle of Eigg is on the horizon, the tide slowly going out and there is about ninety minutes of light left before the sun bids us farewell for another day.

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