Army Women – Creating an Edge

Cpl Lou Dodd, Army Women XV
Early test shot with Ellie Gattlin

Later today the Army Women take on Holland in Amsterdam,  It is a prestigious fixture for the Army players so we were fortunate that four of their players gave up some of their training time to allow Lee Crabb of Scrumpix Images and myself to continue to experiment with trying to (re)create some of the action that takes place on a rugby field in a more controlled manner utilising off camera flash provided by 2 Profoto B1X lights.

Second row and team captain Ellie Gattlin was first and through her patience we were able to adjust our camera angle to get a better sky and also work a little on how we though the players should dive in relation to the light and the camera.

Next up was centre Lou Dodds who quickly reproduced the action we were looking for and then it was just a matter of working with Lou to get the overall balance of action that we were all happy with.  Finally the chosen image of Lou was post processed in B&W using some cross processing techniques to create a more 'edgy' look.

For hte image out of the camera we had white balance set to 3000K to really deepen the blue sky and accentuate the clouds with a CTO gel over both lights.  Camera was a Canon 5DSr with EF11-24mm f/4L USM zoom attached. ISO 500 1/6400 f/9

Cpl Ellie Gattlin, captain of Army Women XV
Primary image, bleach processed, with Lou Dodds

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