Yellow Bell

Yellow Bell (Plus Speedlite)

Work has precluded being able to post for a few days but at last I have finished a small gallery of images taken focusing on the Yellow Bell flower, a small delicate flower which, when examined closely, has some lovely texture on its petals. It is a flower which is found extensively throughout the Caribbean. 

All the images were taken at midday following a light shower of rain.  The sun at that time was fierce and was washing out nearly all the colour from the delicate petals found on the flower.  I wanted to re-create the images I had in my head of the flowers when the first rays of morning sun hit them.  Like after rain at this time in the morning the flowers were heavy with moisture from the overnight dew.  However at that time of day the ever changing humidity was playing havoc with the camera and I was regularly having to wait to allow the camera to de-fog.  During this  wait, even though it was early in the morning, te rising temperature was evaporating the dew from the petals.  A classic catch 22 situation..  So instead I waited until one of the regular showers fell during the day.  I under exposed the image and used a single speedlite at a low angle to replicate the morning sun.

Overall quite pleased with some of the results.

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