A View From the Technical Zone

Replacements waiting for their time

Exploring the View From the Technical Zone

We have been very fortunate, as photographers, with the freedom and support given to us by the Army Rugby Union as we explore some different angles and images that we can capture at rugby union matches.  At their opening U23 Inter Service match, against theRAF U23XV, we decided to explore what might be captured if we left a photographer at the edge of the Army's technical area on the side of the pitch.

Charley Rose (Charley Rose Photography) armed herself with a fixed length 200mm which was open at it's widest aperture of f2.0 throughout.  Her ISO was set at 2000 so using high speed sync she utilised, when required, an on camera speeuite to provide some front on fill in flash.  In post production a little cropping was undertaken to balance the composition but where possible leave in some of the background light sources that are rendered very well by the lens and provide a very soft light highlight.

Some impressive lineout work in tandem with some impressive ink work on the arms.
Precision darts
A broken hand from the UKAF Remembrance Match prevents selection for John Davetanivalu
A Penny For Your Thoughts
Coaches deep in conversation

Timeless Images

With a little more post production the following three images are of that timeless moment when to the victors the spoils and the cup is lifted aloft.  Throughout history the scene is relatively unchanged so the images has been given a matte finish as a nod to their timeless nature.

Click on an image for a larger view.

All images are by Charley Rose Photography with some minor additional post production composition by Alligin Photography.  They are part of a collaborative project between the Army Rugby Union and Alligin Photography along with Lee Crabb (Scrumpix Images) and Charley Rose Young (Charley Rose Photography)

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