Adding Light to the Forest Floor

Discovering Texture Through Light

A walk through any mature woodland area is always a walk of discovery.  The forest floor is a rich treasure trove of nature which encompasses the whole life cycle.  Along side the youngest sapling straining skywards in their fight for light will be rotting leaf litter and decaying bark, returning their nutrients to the ground.

The images in this blog are of two fallen trees.  The first three looking at a cross section of a tree that was fairly cleanly snapped close to its base and has become home to a wide variety of wood worm as it begins to slowly decay.  The final three are of a tree where the split was more jagged.  So unlike the first horizontal cross section there was more of a vertical section of the original trunk exposed.

For all al the images I reduced my camera settings to under expose then added flash from a single off camera speedlite to highlight the texture as much as illuminate the wood. 

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