Keeping an Eye on Junior – Sea Eagles on Sleat

Two buzzards hunting to the back of the house first caught my eye.  However when I went to have a closer look I was quickly distracted by a gull and a raven having an aerial skirmish with an eagle over the bluff below the house.  Without binoculars I couldn't make out whether it was a White Tail Eagle or a Golden Eagle but from its size and colouring I would have guessed at a Golden Eagle.

After a short while the eagle settled on a post to rest and I decided to investigate closer.  By the time I managed, with camera, to get down to the headland the eagle was no longer on its post.  I had approached through 'dead ground' and was sure the bird hadn't flown far.  Scrambling further down to the sea I finally found the missing eagle.  My confusion was caused by the fact that it was this season's fledgling White Tail Eagle and alongside was one of the parents.

The two flew off in separate directions but I was able to grab a few shots which shows the under developed colourings of the juvenile bird.  Beak and feet are yet to turn yellow and the tail feathers are not living up to the name "White Tail Eagle'.  The nest is only a couple of miles from the house and it is good to see close up the progress of this season's off spring.  Although I am sure come lambing time in the spring some of the local crofters will not enjoy an extra (and hungry) White tail Eagle in the skies above their flock!

Juvenile White Tail Eagle

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