Delving in to the Delights of Dorset Buttony!

Landscapes, sport and wildlife - in that order - was what drew me in to photography.  Today it is sport that takes the greatest part of my time, wildlife has become a passion and I still love trying to capture mountain and seascapes.  No mention you note of product photography or Dorset Buttons.  However trying to capture the rich colour and texture of yarns used by my wife in her TJFrog business has now become a routine part of my photography world.  More often than not it is simply capturing a flat button, from overhead, and ensuring it is sharp, well lit and we have the colour balance just right.  Occasionally though there is scope for a little more fun!

When commissioned by Thistles on Skye to produce some bespoke Dorset Buttons to act as duvet fasteners TJFrog had to not only come up with colour ways and designs but also produce a fastening system that would allow the buttons to be functional and removed for washing.  The result produced a button which not only showcased the excellent yarns produced by Helen from Ripples Craft but also with a little more scope to play with when taking the 'routine' product shots.  

Resisting the temptation to do too many 'toy soldier' shots the page shows some of the results when playing with perspective, depth of field and reflections whilst still trying to showcase the buttons.  All the images were lit with a LED ring bulb from overhead and were either on white card or slate.  A piece of black perspex along the edge of the card was used to create the front row reflections in some of the images.

I am sure the buttons will be yet another talking point, amongst many, for those staying with David & Frances at their Thistles on Skye B&B.  Their location at Camuscross is stunning, great pub within walking distance and if you need to be tempted further then check out some of David's images on their @thistlesonskye Instagram account of the breakfasts!!

For me, a bit of fun, but I am not yet ready to make the leap full time in to product photography but will no doubt but cajoled every now and again to remain TJFrog's, in house, staff photographer.

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  1. Julia Pace
    | Reply

    Very lovely. How does it attach to the garment and where does that loop go?

    • Various ways to attach to the garment. SOmetimes a broooch pin is added to the back, or a loop added at the back.

  2. Kim Graham
    | Reply

    I’d like to know that too.

    • Various ways to attach to the garment. SOmetimes a broooch pin is added to the back, or a loop added at the back.

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