Just Kidding Around Whilst Nanny’s Away

This is the second blog about the goats on Mount Evans, the first can be viewed by clicking here.

On the upper reaches of Mount Evans I came across five mountain goats.  One Billy, two Nannies and two Kids.  For awhile it was just me and the goats grazing on the tundra, slowly working their way up the mountain as the sun rose.

Interspersed with feeding the two Kids could not help but embark in some playful fun.  It was at times ungainly but still a joy to observe.  Whilst not adverse to the odd head butt most of the time they seemed to be trying to get on to each other's backs as two of the images below show before a display of togetherness as they decided to move upwards at a pace I could not match.

Who'll blink first. With a slight elevation this kid is clearly intent on staring down the photographer.
Nanny and Kid. Mother was never too far away and when they came together I had a brief moment when they were framed by the morning sun.
At peace. Eventually, as the sun rose and time marched on, I was joined by others who were visiting Mount Evans but for a fair while it was just me and the five goats. Sat amongst them I shared the tranquility of a chill morning moment on the upper slopes of a 14000 foot mountain. Emails, texts and to-do lists temporarily forgotten.
Lost amongst the rocks. I never cease to be amazed at the sured footedness of goats in the mountains but watching the kids descend they were at times a little wobbly. This is probably because their shoulder muscles have yet to fully develop. It is only when you are up close to any mountain animal that you realise the power they develop in the shoulders so that they can control their descent on the very steep, rocky slopes.
As much as I like the sun light on this image my eye keeps getting drawn to the Kids left, fore hoof and how little is in contact with the rock, yet how secure its footing was.
Probably the classic goat pose, high on a rocky out crop. Though a little disappointed with the execution of this shot I find it does give a sense that the Kid is a little unsure of itself up on the high pitch.

The image above is probably my favourite of the images of the Kids. Helped of course by the morning light but captures the dichotomy that I feel exists with these young goats, a sense of belonging in their environment but also a little sense of not yet being totally self assured.

All the images were taken with a Canon 1DX MkII and EF200-400mm f4.0 lens. Click on any image to view a larger version.

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