Finished with Engines – Oyster Catchers on the Foreshore and Coming in to Land

Click on image for larger version.  All images taken with Canon 1DX, EF200-400mm f4.0 with 1.4 extender at max zoom (560mm).  Final landing sequence compensated by +2/3 as shooting slightly down and in to the sun / reflection from sea.

For many who arrive by the ferry, the first 'view' they see is from the road in front of Armadale Castle, across the Sound of Sleat to Knoydart.   The road runs parallel to the sea but few stop and walk along the breakwater as they are in a rush to get to some of the honeypot locations further North.  By not getting out of their cars they miss one of the best opportunities for seeing otters in the water and even when the otters aren't around there is plenty of other wildlife to lookout for.

I had promised I would accompany my wife as she ran along Armadale's waterfront, however these little beauties proved too much of a temptation.  So while she ran, I spent a few minutes with my camera and a family of Oyster Catchers.  Well at least I had accompanied her part of the way and she had to come back passed me to the car.

Mum and dad still had this season's fledgling with them which meant that dad was dispatched to undertaken diversionary duties as I paused by their rock.  A good opportunity to catch a couple of landings by dad.  

For most the Oyster Catcher stands out for their bright orange beak and legs but there is some lovely grading in their flight feathers besides the obvious black and white.


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