Two for the price of one

Some more images from the moto-X track.  Thanks to Joshua Adams for the image of me working.  Hand holding the Canon EF200-400 f4 L to try and get some silhouette images as a weather front crossed the circuit bringing with it a more interesting sky.  The Pocket Wizard on top of the Canon 1DXMii was firing a Canon 5DSLR with Canon EF11-24 f4 L which was able to get a very different perspective on other riders further around the circuit.


Canon EF200-400 f4 L with 1.4 extender engaged, shooting at 560mm focal length f5.6.


20 minutes later shooting at 400mm f4.  Far more interest in the cloud.

And at the same time as the two images above were taken over on the other  side of the track this was happening.



Taken with the Canon EF11-24 at 24mm


And as a final image if you look at this one, again taken with the telephoto, you can just see the remote camera in the scrub at the side of the track (bottom right). It took a bit of a hammering from the dust so took quite some cleaning at the end of the day – not a chore I enjoy.

My thanks go out to Colorado Springs based photographer, Mark Reis, of Mark Reis Photography for some great insight during the day.  Mark has over thirty years as a photojournalist and also shot at the Rio Olympics.  Click on the link to some some truly inspiring images from his portfolio.  He is also a faculty member of the Summit Series Workshops held in Denver.

PS:  Mark is the man with the pole featured in my earlier blog:  Changing the Mood at Moto-X

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