Aird Dolphins Match Miami in Sleat Superbowl


A break from the computer to make a drink was rewarded by a pod of early season dolphins coming in to the Sound of Sleat.

BB8Q0699 - Version 2
After a quick trip down from the house to the foreshore two mistakes were made.  One I put on a jacket, not needed on this beautifully warm February morning.  And the second?  Having two options to get to the shore I chose left and the dolphins went right.  I managed to get reasonably close following a scramble on the rocks but it was an unfair competition when they finally decided to move around the headland.
BB8Q0725 - Version 2
I had enough time to admire their grace and agility from relatively close quarters as they rounded up fish during a quite energetic feeding period.
BB8Q0729 - Version 2
With my back ground in sport, it never ceases to impress me the team work, cohesion and selflessness that is found throughout mother nature.  The pod put on a show in the natural bowl that the Sound of Sleat forms at Aird which for me was the equal of any sporting encounter that I have had the good fortune to watch.
BB8Q0759 - Version 2
Like their Miami Dolphin counter parts the dolphins at Aird of Sleat certainly knew how to put on a show in their very own Superbowl.

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