Song, Sun and Sea Eagles

A morning stroll towards the Point of Sleat was a joy in so many way.

Effortless grace

From leaving the house until our return there was a constant chorus of song as warmer days brought out the amorous side of the various small birds that flit across the heather or perch high in the birch to cast their calls further.

FK7C9753 - Version 2

However nearing the Point of Sleat the rhythmical beat of a distance sea eagles wings could be seen in silhouette.  It was soon quite close by, then a quick spin to check out the camera and its journey transiting in land continued.  A beautiful bird in flight with an effortless grace when soaring.


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  1. Tim Bailey
    | Reply

    Great shots – looks like the eagle has a ring on the left claw.

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      Ever since their reintroduction all the sea eagles are tagged as youngsters by the RSPB. This year is the fortieth anniversary of their reintroduction on the Isle of Mull, using a pair from Norway. Since then their numbers and range has expanded although for every success there is a downside and for some of the crofters the birds are an issue at lambing.

      • Tim Bailey
        | Reply

        How I am not surprised you would have chapter & verse – thanks.

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