A ‘Tear’ For the Fallen

ToL Poppies 3

Spent a very reflective morning at the Tower of London watching volunteers ‘planting’ the poppies in memory of the fallen of WWI as part of the “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

ToL Poppies 1


The carpet of poppies completely surrounds the Tower of London and has a number of feature displays using frames fabricated in Plymouth.

ToL Poppies 4

The last of the 800,000+ poppies will be added on Armistice Day and complete the collection of one poppy for every British Service man and women who lost their life in the Great War.

ToL Poppies 2

If you are in London it is well worth taking time to visit the Tower and take a slow walk around it’s perimeter clothed in a crimson red tide of memory and reflection.

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