Barbarians Win Perfect for Soapy Watson Trophy

Barbarians win Soapy Watson Trophy @ 2013 RNRMC Field Gun

A spare gun.  Crew members who had not made their parent teams.  The Barbarians Field Gun Crew was born.  Four days together was rounded off with the Soapy Watson Memorial Trophy for the P3 Final.  Just the story that Soapy would have appreciated.

The Barbarians Final Run

The Barbarians – the crew from many backgrounds quickly forged a strong identity.  Different shirts, common cause.
Heavy ends from REME and Heron
United through circumstance – Neptune and Heron
Army Benevolent Fund on the sleeve of a REME wheel number at the RNRMC Field Gun
REME firing, Devonport extractor
RAF Cosford and Maritime Reserve on the limber slats.
RAF Cosford and Sultan execute the limber drop.
REME and Devonport on the drags
Drags first across the line but it is the second axle or last man that counts
Axle over first, is it a clean run?
Good news for Barbarians Number 1, Stu Moss, the run is clean.
Maritime Reserve and Heron enjoy the moment
And the icing on the cake? A bottle of bubbly from the Watson family is presented by Soapy’s son, Robert.
The Barbarians Field Gun crew may never run again but their name will always be on the trophy.














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  1. Tim Bailey
    | Reply

    Absolutely agree; the Soap Watson Trophy could not be more perfect for the Barbarians, Soapy a great supporter of grassroots FG would have certainly be proud of your efforts. To cap the day it was great to see his son be there to present the trophy. Its has giving me a shiver down my spine thinking thinking of his memory – gone but not forgotten.

  2. John Walton
    | Reply

    Great article.
    Purple is the colour of joint endeavours in a common cause.

  3. Elle Forrest
    | Reply

    Absolutely amazing photos!! i didn’t realise you were taking half of them!! thank you so much for capturing what turned out to be some of the best days of my naval career to date!!!

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      Glad you liked the photographs but more importantly well done on an excellent achievement. To gel as quickly as you did and improve each run was great to watch. I didn’t know the Plate 3 final was run for the Soapy Watson trophy but i did know Soapy. It is just the sort of thing he would have done and so it was a very appropriate story. Geraint

      • James Hartley
        | Reply

        Thanks for the amazing pictures, and thank you to everyone of the barbarians crew. It may have only been for 4 days, but what amazing days and we kept partying on to the early hours of the morning.
        As it turns out I am the only RAF crew member to ever win silverware, which just put the icing on the cake and gave me some great bragging rights
        Thanks again guys

        Up the bar bars

  4. Stu Moss
    | Reply

    Thank you Geraint, a truly fitting tribute to the Barbarians FGC.

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      As I said at the team photograph. You need to come back and defend your trophy!

  5. Ned Gray
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for such a epic write up. I had no idea you got so many great pictures of us lol. My first time as a field gunner, from my experience as a Barbarian, it certainally won’t be my last!
    Come on the Bar-Bars!

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      Glad you enjoyed field gun. It is a great sport.

  6. Greg Hunt
    | Reply

    Wow great pictures and a great crew to be a part of, even if it is to be the only run of the barbarians im still hoping to see the crew members at next years brickwoods for a catch up 🙂 thanks again

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      I hope to be there next year with my camera. Keep capturing the moment and the culmination of all your hard training.

  7. Tom lockyear
    | Reply

    awwsome photographs for a truly awesome team,
    We came together and proved alot of people wrong!!
    “Stength and honour”

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