Raiders From the North

Navy Referee gets a shock with his RFU Match Appointments

A key part of referee development is the exchange appointment system where referees travel to get a variety of appointments.  When Tim Bailey was appointed  as Assistant Referee to the Southend v Canterbury game in National League 2 he was told he would be hosting a referee from Scotland on exchange.

Duncan McClement refereeing the RAF U23 match against the Army U23s at RAF Halton

Well it looks as if the SRU and RFU are funding a Service referee reunion as the incoming referee is none other than fellow Navy Referee Duncan McClement.  At least both will kno what to expect of each other, including the standard operating procedure when Tim is on one side of any comms equipment – turn the volume down low!

To keep the Service theme the other AR is the Air Force’s Mike Priestly, last seen by Navy supporters on the touch at the Army Navy game,  Twickenham.

Mike Priestly offers a calming word as tempers fray. Either Pridds mis understood Dwyer’s welsh of Matt misunderstood the Man from Kernow.

The final piece of the Service jigsaw is provided by Canterbury Head Coach, Mattie Stewart of Scotland and Army.  I am sure it will be a most enjoyable exchange.

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