Further Success as Sevens Announced Team of the Year

Joe Kava – one of the reasons!!

The Army Sevens team were unbeaten in 2012 including winning the Defence World Sevens in Denver, USA.  A historic achievement for Army Rugby.  They have just been announced as the Army Sport Control Board’s team of the year a fitting tribute to the squad for their achievements.

Gerhard Wessells led the side all year and was one of their key play makers.

I am sure the whole playing squad would not mind me pointing out the contribution of their coach “Alfred” .  Alfred Vanua always seems to keep out of the lime light but his work with the squad is evident not only in their play but in their off field togetherness and spirit.  Congratulations to Alfred and his team.

The man behind the team – Alfred Vanua

In announcing the award the team let their followers know that they are first and foremost their team, soldiers first and that they will be remembering the soldiers they play for this weekend at the various acts of remembrance around the country.

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  1. Chris Fowke
    | Reply

    Great recognition for a small ‘band of brothers’…”soldiers first, sportsmen second…….

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      Chris, it is good to be able to report their recognition. I enjoyed watching them this Summer where they were often a class apart. It was also good to see the strong relationship forming between the Army Sevens and the Navy Sharks. However nothing changes for 28th April when this blog remains firmly and unashamedly in the blue corner. Geraint

  2. John Walton
    | Reply

    On that day as always I shall be supporting the team from my penson provider!!

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      It is a burden you bare well! Geraint

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