Roko Praised for his Defence – Now That’s Worrying!

Semesa Rokoduguni

Samesa Rokoduguni is not a player who conjures up very many happy memories if your are a Service rugby union follower with a penchant for blue.  

At the Army Navy match earlier this year he celebrated his second cap with a hat trick of tries.  He was probably a little disappointed because on debut, at Halton, he had touched down four times against the RAF.  It is little wonder then that the strong running centre or wing impressed Bath when on a recent trial spell and was signed up by Gary Gold.  Now it is bad enough having one of your opposition playing top flight rugby but Gary is renown for his defensive work so when he praised Semesa for his defence after his Bath United debut then you have to take notice.  A name to follow with interest after Christmas when the three Service teams start they preparations in ernest for the 2013 Inter Services.

Semesa Rokoduguni signed for Bath Rugby. The strong running centre is well known by Navy and RAF defences made a strong defencive debut himself for Bath United’s win over Saracens Storm – though it did meant he picked up a yellow card from the referee.

Lets hope Semesa doesn’t set his sight on Greg Barden’s five tries in a match record!

Army – Aussies – Aldershot

ASRU Warriors know that they will have to produce their best performance of the tour at Aldershot tonight.
Both sides know each other from their match in May and both side have a number of strong running forwards.

In May it was wet and cold unusual for Sydney.  Tonight the forecast is similar although perhaps more expected for an autumnal match at the Army’s Aldershot Stadium. In 2010 I had the great pleasure of watching the Navy U23’s win at Aldershot on their way to the Inter Service’s crown.  The Army side did not like it.  Indeed the Army didn’t like it.  And it is this total commitment to winning especially at their spiritual home that makes them such a difficult opponent; whichever side you play against.

The Army know they have the strength to stop the Aussie’s go forward at the tackle.

Back in May the Army Women toured Australia and left Sydney with a team full of bruised and battered bodies but more importantly a victory.  The teams meet again tonight at 19:30 and I am sure that once again both teams will be at the brutal best and it will be a true test.  To the Warriors team I can say from many years experience that any victory at Aldershot is hard won but savoured all the more because it is hard won.  If they close Wednesday night, still unbeaten on their UK tour, then they will have truly laid down a marker and would travel to Caerphilly for the match v Combined Services as favourites to make it a Grand Slam tour.  Before then they a couple of problems to deal with – 22 of them to be precise, all where the red of the Army and determined to keep going their remarkable run.  Unbeaten in the first decade of Women’s Inter Service rugby they will be keen to lay down a very positive marker that the second decade will be business as usual.

Both sides possess players who can win turnovers at the tackle. It will be interesting to see the Warriors defence under a little more pressure for longer periods.

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