A Photographers Reflection on Celtman 2012 – Part 3

Part three of three reflections on the recent Celtman Extreme Scottish Marathon

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I spent my time, with my camera, in Coire Mhic Fhearchair on the western flank of Beinn EIghe.  It was the part of the triathlon that I could most relate to.  My swimming is poor and though in cycle competitions I have experienced extreme tiredness by far the most pain and mental distress I have endured is running in mountains.  As the competitors found out Beinn Eighe is a big mountain and it is not all about getting up!

The Leaders

Before I had even reached the lip of the Coire I had been passed by race leader Alex Glasgow
Closely followed by Sean McFarlane in second.  Both broke 5 hours for the run
as did Michael Bossard, also of Nevis Cycles RT. An elite group of three breaking the 5 hours
Michael’s run enabled him to pass Glasgow team mates Paul Crowther
and Seb Lay who finished in joint sixth position
Alex Glasgow, on his birthday, crosses the line after 12:09:48 of hard racing to win Celtman 2012. He was followed by Sean MCFarlan (12:12:13), Oyvind Evensen (12:27:44), Stuart Macleod (12:33:34), and Michael Bossard (12:50:39). Paul Crowther and Seb Lay finished in 12:51:22 and these seven were the only ones to break 13 hours.

The Joy of Finishing

Johan Nykvist vents his emotion as he crosses the line in 10th

Simply too much energy for me!


Joint Presents

Alex Glasgow congratulates Susanne Buckenlei as first women home in 13:55:33. Both received a bottle of champagne which no doubt helped them celebrate their birthdays – both falling on race day.


Coire Celebrations

For many simply getting the scree slope and the large ‘step downs’ of the Coire out of the way was a cause for celebration.  With tired legs this downhill section could be as painful as getting up to 1010m in the first place.

Scree running can be fun
even as the clag comes down
but care is needed when the rocks get larger
and larger!
however no ropes were required.
Competitors like ants run the scree shoot


Worst is over
or have they been taken hostage!
No, definitely joy.
And satisfaction
A sense of achievement


Clearly delirious!


The Loneliness of Distance Running (Lost in Thought)

and, of course, togetherness.

and the award for the brightest pair in the Coire

goes to Christophe Heinke and his support runner (in front)


and Finally

Did you hear about Gavin?  Local runner Ryan Maclean only just made the cut off at T2a but had lost his support runner through injury.  No support runner and his event and all the months of training is over.  A call is made back to Torridon – will anyone act as a support runner? Step forward Gavin, pint in hand.  I will.  No kit!  A competitor who had just finished – take mine.  So pint down, borrowed kit, rush up to T2a, run back with Ryan.  Job done.

Gavin – congratulations on being the final chapter on a day that had to birthday winners, a proposal of marriage on Beinn Eighe and many other stories of overcoming adversary and achieving success. I hope you finished your pint!


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