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Many of the regular visitors to my site will already know that after more than twenty five years in the Royal Navy Tania and I have decided to relocate North of Portsmouth.  After extensive research we hit upon the small community of Aird which is the southern most village on the Isle of Skye – so we remain southerners really.  Last week saw our plans for the house go for planning consent and so hopefully the restoration will start soon and we can fully move up.

Winter proved to be wet and windy

Many visits over the winter proved that the house needed some work particular in the insulation department!  The location however is simply stunning whatever the weather!

Early May Springs to Life

Having missed the whole of April due to various commitments (see Rugby section) we managed to get up for two weeks at the beginning of May and were greeted by a glorious period of settled weather and the wonders of nature as Spring rejuvenates herself all around us.

Young lamb in the paddock with more arriving day by day.
His work was done a while back! Time to recharge the batteries.
Very young calf suckling from mum

This calf was spotted when out walking.  It has yet to be tagged and the coat was still damp from its birth.  A little unsteady on its feet but greedily feeding.  On our return mother and calf both dozing in the sunshine.

Vibrant new leaf of gnarled old oak
'Starbucks' - Sleat Style

At the Point of Sleat there is a lovely sandy beach, great views of Eigg, Rum, the Cullin and Ardnamurchan and a very remote community of some three houses. Who, as you can see, are happy to cater for the first of the season’s visitors. Flapjack highly recommended.  Honesty box for tea, coffee, juice and home made flapjack.

Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself. Sleat, Isle of Skye in early May

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