Superheros and Comic Strips – 100th Army v Navy Revistied

Alligin Photography in collabortaion with Rob Calum MacIlleChiar

It seems so long ago the 101st Army Navy Match but with barely 3 weeks to go until the 101st match I though I would share some images from what I feel is an exciting collaboration with a phiotgraphic artist who happens to be a neighbour of mine on Skye.  Although our photographic work is very different Rob and I both share a common background of mathematics and a love of the outdoors.  However whilst much of my work is now dependent on the web and international communications Rob does not have an online presecence on the internet but does have a passion for and is well read on pictorialism, Dadaism and other forms of post modern and conceptual art. For those of you who know me that is not where my photography resides - yet!  I approached Rob a while ago to see whether he would consider working together on a couple of projects that his work had inspired.  We both agreed that as a first step it would be useful for Rob to explore some existing sports photography and he has spent the last few weeks pouring over the image library from last season's Army v Navy Match.

HIs intial output included this strip of images based on a sequence of photographs by Andrew Bonner.  Royal Navy winger, Matt Bowden is getting to grips with the Army winger and man of the match, Junior Bulumakau.  I have found Rob's first portfolio very exciting and full of opportunities and it looks as if our professional journey together will be an interesting one.  Where it will end up I do not think either Rob or I know!

Images credit: Andrew Bonner Post Production: Rob Calum MacIlleChiar

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