It’s just not cricket!

A different skyline to what I’m use to as I attended my first ever baseball match at Denver’s Metropolitan State University.  Watched one and half games which were part of an U16 summer tournament being held in the city.


Took a while to get in to the swing of things, no pun intended.  Quickly found that you had to clue in to the little tells from the batters if you were to anticipate the delivery of the ball.
And was quite keen not to just fire long bursts to get some images with the ball in flight.
A clean strike of the ball and quite pleased having found a good shooting angle from one of the team’s dug outs.
All four teams I met with during the time I was pitchside were extremely helpful and accommodating  especially with access to the dug out to have the ability to shoot low down.
End of match one and good to see the respect shown between the two sides.
During the second game the wind picked up and the speed at which the weather altered and the rain came in was certainly reminiscent of the changeable weather I am used to at home of Skye.  The black foreboding clouds forming over the stand alongside the pitch.
Though it was a new sport I found I still gravitated to the faces of the players and looking for the effort and emotion that continues to captivate me when watching and photographing sport.

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