Nature and Nurture

A leisurely breakfast for some friends we had staying was interrupted by a pod of around 20 or so Harbour Dolphins tracking around the Sound of Sleat North East towards Armadale.

2015 Dolphins 2
Work precluded nipping down to the beach to get closer shots so images were taken with a telephoto lens from the house and then cropped further.

Second time in the last few days that the dolphins have been spotted.  The last time I was cutting the grass so did not have a camera to hand to capture their grace – even from distance.

2015 Dolphins 3
As they came around the headland to the South East of our house they speeded up a little and were breaking the water a little more.
2015 Dolphins 4
This sequence seems to show a mum with calf in close attendance. Clearly a case of nature doing it’s own nurturing. Very pleasant start to the day but unfortunately work remains and the keyboard is calling.


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