Agony and Ecstasy at Junior Leaders Field Gun

The 2013 Network Rail sponsored Junior Leaders Field Gun witnessed the full range of human emotions as BAE Systems retained their crown on a day of thrilling competition.

The Ecstasy – Hugh Doyle BAE Systems ‘No 1″ is mobbed by the team after the result is known.

The day started badly for HMS Raleigh when in the first heat they turned their gun over. Early morning rain had scuppered much of their track time and it is a credit to their team the way they recovered their drill.
Army Cadet’s ‘back of the box’ is left on the track following a tumble which saw the full weight of the gun go over her right leg.
The agony – it hurts. Fortunately after examination and treatment by the on site medics she was able to partake in the prize giving, battered and very sore.


A shameless plug for the sponsors but without Network Rail the competition would not be the success it is. Three teams entered and two through to the final, Michelle was clearly nailing her colours to the mast.
And so to the final. BAE Systems are first across the line in Track 1
Track 1 is clear as HMS Sultan cross the line in second with Network Rail B pipping C crew in third but final results depend on penalties.


BAE Systems are brought back to the line – have they run clean?
Hugh Doyle’s eyes are already toward his crew as both track judges report a clean run. Let the party begin.


HMS Raleigh win the Endeavour Cup – a fitting reward for their recovery and progress in difficult circumstances
Netwrok Rail A – win the plate final.
A special Presentation РSecond Sea Lord, Vice Admiral David Steele,  presents Warrant Officer Glen Young MBE and special memento and thank you for all he has done to promote Junior Leaders Field Gun and make the event the successful competition it is today.


And finally – the 2013 Junior Leaders Field Gun Champions (retaining the trophy) are BAE Systems – congratulations to them and all the crews on an excellent competition


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  1. Nick Henbrey
    | Reply


    I was wondering if you had anymore photographs of the HMS Raleigh crew from the junior leaders field gun competion? If so I was wondering where I would be able to view them?



    • Geraint
      | Reply

      We are currently processing all the images from the Junior Leaders Field Gun and they will be distributed to all the crews by the end of the week. Geraint

  2. Owain
    | Reply

    and no mention of our record breaking run? (H.M.S Sultan)

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      Would you count that as agony or ecstasy? The joy of obtaining an excellent record but the brutal pain that occurs in sport of not being able to deliver in the final. Geraint

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