Those in Peril on the Sea

Easterly winds today coming straight across the Sound of Sleat – the worst possible direction for Armadale’s moorings.

Though it is only a relatively narrow stretch of water and the winds were not that high today saw a horrible short choppy sea that caused one of Skye Yachts, Gem, to break her mooring and get grounded on the leeward shore.  Luckily no-one was onboard at the time.

Gen on the lee shore with Armadale Pier in the background.
She’s getting a bit of a pounding.
Clear view of Gem slightly out of the water as a large wave breaks behind.
Winds forecast to remain for most of the night and part of tomorrow.

I am sure that the team at Skye Yachts will soon have Gem out on blocks and repaired in time for the main part of the season.  Although not the best weather today the Hebrides still is probably one of the best sailing locations in the World in terms of spectacular scenery, abundant marine wildlife and some exquisite quiet mooring with excellent seafood restaurants on the doorstep.



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