Congratulations Celtman – Award Winning Triathlon

Celtman 2012

Congratulations to Paul and Stuart who are the organisers of the Celtman Extreme Trialthlon on winning their Triathlon Event of the Year Award.  Entries are closed for the 2013 event which will be on 6 Jul.  For those who what to know more about this event then the Celtman facebook page, currently with Alligin Photography cover photography can be viewed here.

Images from the 2012 event are on my main site under Action : 2012 Celtman

My own reflections as a photographer on the event were written as a set of three blogs.  The last of which can be viewed here.   This last blog has links to the other blogs written on Celtman.

To the Celtman 2013 competitors – enjoy the winter training and I am looking forward to see you all in July.

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  1. John Walton
    | Reply

    There should be a law against this type of behaviour!!!!!!!!!!

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      John, it truly is an excellent event. I had the privilege to be near the end of the course with my camera in a place called Choire Mhic Fhearchair. As the athletes came down in to the Coire they new the last major obstacle had been completed. For that day it was a place filled with many emotions- and even a proposal of marriage. Hopefully the weather will be good again this here and the loch water a little warmer. G

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