Commandos Past and Present United in Remembrance

Commandos from the Royal Marines, Army , Royal Navy as well as from some overseas forces gathered at the Commando Memorial Spean Bridge ‘To Remember’

The Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge

The Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge is one of the most impressive war memorials I have visited. Imposing in statue, its location allows you to absorb the openness and with a biting wintery wind appreciate the wildness of the countryside that was the training ground of the first commandos.

The Memorial and Area of Remembrance behind

The modern day site consists of the War Memorial and the new area of Remembrance as well as an area where ashes can be scattered at the spiritual Commando home.  Within the area of Remembrance are numerous tributes from across the world. Tributes to those who were lost in WWII and also to those lost in more recent times.

A low stone wall encircles the Area of Remembrance. Within its confines unfolds the history of the commandos, through the tributes to those that have been lost.

The Memorial always seems to have someone visiting and it is a great place for poignant reflection.

Today’s Commandos. Royal Marines at the memorial before marching down the hill to join with the veterans for the march back to the Memorial and the Remembrance Service
The Lochaber Youth Pipe Band leads the parade up the hill to the Memorial
The Standard Bearers
Followed by the proud veterans
The parade continues to gather at the Memorial. Today’s commandos marching past those commandos that went before.
and at the end of the Service, with wreaths laid, the skies cleared and the three commandos cast in bronze continued their gaze over their training wilderness.

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  1. John Walton
    | Reply

    A very good description of the memorial.
    A special place indeed

    • Geraint
      | Reply

      John, as you know my wife and I have personal links. I spoke with a couple of ladies on the day who gave some interesting background on the training barracks at Achnacarry Castle and how supportive the current Laird remains of those original commandos. Even the busy A82 alongside can not deflect from what remains a great sense of open wilderness. I am sure that for some it was but one of many shocks they encountered on their journey to become commandos. Geraint

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