Searching for the Pot of Gold!

Double Rainbow over Arisaig, viewed from Aird of Sleat

The last few days has seen the return of the southerly and south westerly winds.  This has brought some welcome rain because unlike most of the UK the Outers Hebrides and the Isle of Skye have been dry from April and through the Summer.  For us that means we get a little shelter from Eigg (Southerlies) and shelter from Rum for the South Westerlies.  However it also means the headland at Aird is great for both the sea birds and the raptors.

Regularly this week we have had a couple of buzzards hunting extensively over Aird and the Point of Sleat.  So despite a huge amount needing to be done in the garden, I have been regularly distracted from the work in hand and enjoyed watching the birds hunt and also enjoying one or two great photo opportunities.

Having made the decision to start a vegetable plot and having received some fantastic advice from Anthony Hovey of Skye Vegetables, who supplies vegetables to many of the top restaurants on the Isle of Skye , the buzzards have been the perfect excuse to delay the hard graft of turning over the earmarked plot of land.  There is always next week!

One of the reasons we relocated to Skye was to ensure that we could enjoy its excellent landscape and ever changing scenery.  This evening we watched a squall of rain obliterate Eigg and Rum.  As it came towards Aird we had the barmy situation of both our easterly and westerly views being in lovely evening sunshine whilst it was raining over head.  Still it made for a pleasing snap of the house.

Rainbow over Aird

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