A Photographers Reflection on Celtman 2012 – Part 2

Part two of three reflections on the recent Celtman Extreme Scottish Marathon

Part one can be viewed more easily by clicking here.


What a difference a cuppa makes. The first image is of Milos Kostic trying to get some warmth into his body after the swim. However a quick brew and the smile returns as he sets out on the 200km cycle.

Cycling Reaches the Parts that other Sports Cannot Reach

After a long time in T1 James Nellany starts the cycle in probably not the best of shapes. Long story not for me to tell.
It was great to see him later at Achnasheen. Even though it was raining the twinkle had returned to his eye and he was back competing in anger. He had also, at last, warmed up. Great achievement and as the french would say at the Tour – chapeau.

COLT go bananas

Alistair Shawcross of City of Lancaster Triathlon – plus banana
Tom Phillips of COLT – plus banana
Race winner Alex Glasgow, Nevis RT, sticks with dry bread.
Whilst for a third COLT member, the Ironfarmer John Carr, it just has to be milk. Excellent paint job on his bike and lycra. Also liked the slogan One Life, Milk It.

Both Tom Phillips and John Carr have written excellent blogs.  Click on their names below to access.

John Carr – Ironfarmer – Team COLT

Tom Phillips – Team COLT

All smiles

After the pained expressions as the competitors left the water it was good to see some smiles as they passed on the bike.  Obviously helped that I chose a slightly down hill section.  Next year, note to self, get around to Dundonnel!

Happy Days
are here to stay
come rain
or shine
Ok, so not everyone was smiling.
Do you know you still have a marathon to run including 1010 metres up Beinn Eighe?  See below
Low cloud clears from Beinn Eighe. The competitors had to run up the Coire which is on the left.


And finally

Johan Nykvist was first competitor on the bike through Achnasheen after a very good Swim & Cycle.
Women’s winner Susanne Buckenlei. Having won Norseman on three occasions she can justify having stars on the rear wheel. Excellent competitor in all respects.





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