Navy Sevens – Seahawk Complete Double

HMS Seahawk – Navy Cup and Navy Sevens Champions 20122-2012

A long days drive from the Isle of Skye was rewarded by a day of very good sevens when Ivel Barbarians RFC hosted the 2012 Royal Navy Rugby Union Sevens Tournament.  HMS Seahawk beat 30 Cdo RM in a good final to add the Sevens Cup to the Navy Cup they won earlier in the season.  Despite the odd shower the weather conditions made photography far easier than under the Burnaby Road lights.  Chairman of Navy Rugby, Capt Chris Alcock OBE RN, was on hand to present the prizes.  Also on the sidelines were the Navy Senior XV coaching staff and the Navy Sharks coach.  They will have been pleased with what they saw.

Flower Power is not always enough to stop Royal


The joy for all to see – a chance to gallop in the open whilst his felled opponent can only look back with regret.


Navy Medics (Blue) looking to drum up trade with some fierce tackling


Tournament played with a smile on the face by most players. Navy U23 captain is rounded with ease and a chuckle.


Many of Seahawk’s best moments came from deep in their own half when they challenged the one on one tackling of their opposition.


When the big hand gets to the ………………


Also presented was the CSRR Official of the Year to Simon Aldridge


and when Si wasn’t refereeing he was………….


and finally. Hand offs – aren’t they meant to be with the open hand?

Images From the Day

All the images from the day can be viewed by clicking here.

Navy Sharks

For all the Westo’s the Navy Sharks are due to compete at the Newquay Surf Sevens on Saturday 30 June.  Should be a good days rugby with the British Army looking to win their fourth sevens title of the year.

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