Scouting for Locations

Loch a Ghlinne and Coille Dalavil

Have spent a couple of days getting to grips with my new location and seeking out suitable photographic locations. So far I am only exploring sites on the Sleat Pennisular and already I feel a little like Charlie on his first visit to Willie Wonka’s factory. Taking time to stop and explore Sleat should be a must on any itinerary as not to do so would mean you would miss out on so much and not just the castle at Armadale.

The glen, pictured above, was simply stunning and I do not know if it was due to the lack of rain through April but some of the colours in the tree leaves were almost autumnal.

A view across to the Cullin, Loch Coruisk and Blaven


Are You My Mother?

I couldn’t help thinking about my own childhood growing up on Dr Seuss’ famous books including the Cat in the Hat and of course ‘Are You My Mother?’ when I came across these young fledglings.

Mum was disturbed and for a very short while they were still calling for food before realising the threat, ducking down back in to the nest and remaining motionless and quiet.  With me gone mum returned with their next feed.

Later in the day I also came across the Heron fledgling below that had not long left the nest.

The nest was high up in a pine tree at the centre of a small coppice.  Again there was an absolute cacophony when mum was around and helping out but when she left the young ball of feathers remained absolutely motionless on the branch and was quite hard to spot.  With mum not far away and looking on I deliberately didn’t wish to get too close or stay for long.

Climbing Cattle

Wot no ropes!?

Caught my eye as I walked past as I found it amusing to see a cow perched on the side a small scarp a metre or so off the ground.  Keeps her ‘shiny shoes’ out the muck!  I am sure if this catches on the someone will insist that they start wearing helmets.

Watching the World Go Sailing By

The Sound of Sleat is definitely getting a little busier as the days lengthen.  Many more fishing vessels out and also more yachts going by including this beautiful gaff rigged one.

Finally the Hebridean Princess has been flitting between the islands.  A week on board is not cheap but she is a lovely little cruise ship, so far removed from the larger vessels operating out of the major ports.

Hebridean Princess

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