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The gentle musings as I get used to my new surroundings and beyond. Based at Aird on the Sleat Pennisular, Isle of Skye my camera is never too far away as I explore both near and far from my new home.

For the Fallen


“At the going down of the sun and in the morning;”

The line from Binyon’s 1914 poem must be one of the most remembered and repeated line of verse.  He wrote his poem whilst on the North Cornish coast, near Polzeath, looking out to sea.  Though written for the fallen servicemen and women serving across the channel in the first World War it serves now a far wider remit.  My professional work takes in both rugby and photography.  Having spent the whole day reviewing action from the second round of the 2015/16 European Champions and Challenge cups, the tricolour arm bands worn in memory of the Paris victims were particularly poignant.  With rugby sharing many of the same values as Service life it brought forward another line from the same poem:

“They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;”

But perhaps in these troubled times, with the particular horrors of modern conflict, the most apt line is the one that follows and is applicable to anyone, from which ever corner of the world they originate who has to endure the news that a dear one will not be returning home that night:

“They sit no more at familiar tables of home;”

GAJ_3435 - Version 2

Two views of Eigg from my office on the Isle of Skye. A tranquil scene in what is at times a very troubled world.


August Inversion – A Tough Day Ahead!!

Up Before

Up before the alarm this morning and greeted with sea mist on the Sound of Sleat

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Fastnet v Slownet

BB8Q3950 - Version 2

L208 – Eda Frandsen – 1938 traditional gaff rigged lobster boat originally built in Denmark – enjoying a fair breeze in the early evening sunshine.

At 12:00BST today the multihulls, the greyhounds of modern day sailing, crossed the line for the start of the 2015 Rolex Fastnet Race.  Last night the slightly slower Eda Frandsen rounded Ard Thurnish having left Mallaig for a week exploring the Small Isles and the Outer Hebrides.  The Eda Frandsen no doubts shares more in common with the yachts that must have competed in the first Fastnet race of 1925 but even then she is clearly no whippet of the seas.  Instead her natural stability make her an ideal vessel for her new life of providing traditional sailing holidays without a winch in site.  The reward for working over 2000 foot of sail by block and tackle?  A healthy appetite satisfied by some the best and freshest shell fish you can find.  Now that is something that the freeze dried ration fed sailors of the Fastnet would be envious of.


The First of the Few

The First of the Few

RJ Mitchell’s inspiration?

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If you are a delicate man………..

If you are delicate man. And of wetting your skin are shy. I'd have you know, before you go. You had better not think of Skye. By Alexander Nicholson

If you are a delicate man.
And of wetting your skin are shy.
I’d have you know, before you go.
You had better not think of Skye.
By Alexander Nicholson

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First Amongst Equals

What amazing story will 2015 bring?

What amazing story will 2015 bring?  Click on the image to read the story of Jeff Glasbrenner and the 2014 Celtman Extreme Triathlon

A lovely sunny day looking out on to the Sound of Sleat, off Slye’s South East coast.  The weekend will once more be spent over at Torridon following one of my favourite events in the sporting calendar.  Hopefully the weather will hold for all the competitors.  Click on the image for a look back at a remarkable story from last year’s event.

Nature and Nurture


A leisurely breakfast for some friends we had staying was interrupted by a pod of around 20 or so Harbour Dolphins tracking around the Sound of Sleat North East towards Armadale.

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Beyond the Obvious

The starting point - Bluebells in the Woods

The starting point – Bluebells in the Woods

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Song, Sun and Sea Eagles

A morning stroll towards the Point of Sleat was a joy in so many way.

Effortless grace

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Easter Sunshine

Across to Morar from Aird

Across to Morar from Aird

The sun is gradually lifting the early morning sea fret and the mountains over at Morar are now in view.  Looks like it might be a loverly Easter day.