Bands, Caps and Prizes

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For nine players Wednesday 11 April 2012 was a very special days has they won their first cap for representing the Royal Navy Rugby Union.  Six new caps were awarded at kick off and three more as replacements.  Further information … Read More

Entente Cordial Retained by RCMN(F)

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 Formalities were Observed As ever the Marine Nationale staged an excellent occassion. Amiral OLiver Lajous and Royal Navy Rugby Union President Admiral Sir Trevor Soar were presented to the teams and after the Quenn and the Marseillaise we were ready. … Read More

Halton Hatrick for Army

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First many thanks to my guest correspondent,Tim Bailey, for the following: RAF Back Home The RAF returned to its roots for the first time since 1924; it was the first time since that date that they had played their Inter … Read More

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