2013 Junior Leaders Field Gun

Once again Network Rail were the sponsors of the Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition.  Alligin Photography were invited by the competition to provide imagery for all the teams competing.  It was a very busy week of photography but as ever most rewarding.  Being on the track to observe close up how the teams come together over the course of five days whilst competing with very heavy (and at times fast moving) field gun equipment is one of my high lights of the year.  BAE Systems retained their trophy in a closely fought final where the Network Rail teams and HMS Sultan all ran strongly.  The gallery below contains a selection of images from the day.

JLFG13 Army Cadets  1177.jpgJLFG13 Army Cadets  1236.jpgJLFG13 Chichester College  1302.jpgJLFG13 Chichester College  1310.jpgJLFG13 Fareham College  1396.jpgJLFG13 Fareham College  1398.jpgJLFG13 Fareham College  1405.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1360.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1361.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1365.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1366.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1375.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1433.jpgJLFG13 HIghbury College  1435.jpgJLFG13 HMS Collingwood  1457.jpgJLFG13 HMS Collingwood  1505.jpgJLFG13 HMS Sultan  1527.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1578.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1587.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1603.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1638.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1641.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1646.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1718.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1791.jpgJLFG13 Network Rail  1795.jpgJLFG13 Plate Final  1067.jpgJLFG13 Portsmouth College  1817.jpgJLFG13 Princes Trust  1875.jpgJLFG13 Princes Trust  1891.jpgJLFG13 Princes Trust  1909.jpgJLFG13 RAF Cosford  1802.jpgJLFG13 RAF Cosford  1819.jpgJLFG13 RAF Cosford  1834.jpgJLFG13 RAF Cosford  1860.jpgJLFG13 Run1Heat1  810.jpgJLFG13 Run1Heat2  789.jpgJLFG13 Run1Heat2  791.jpgJLFG13 Run1Heat2  802.jpgJLFG13 Run2Heat1  850.jpgJLFG13 Run2Heat1  872.jpgJLFG13 Run2Heat2  940.jpgJLFG13 Run2Heat2  946.jpgJLFG13 Run2Heat3  990.jpgJLFG13 Sea Cadets  1817.jpgJLFG13 Sea Cadets  1824.jpgJLFG13 Sea Cadets  1840.jpgJLFG13 Sea Cadets  1849.jpgJLFG13 The Final  1098.jpg