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Navy Referees’ Encourage Back Chat!!

2012 Commonwealth Cup has its own page. Click here.

Royal Navy Rugby Union Referees Training Day

Now before all those gnarled old players out there start getting ideas this is not open season on referees but an observation on their recent well received training day.

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Commonwealth Cup’s Rich History – Part 2

Commonwealth Cup – all the information can be found on this page – CNRC Sydney 2012

Dave Pascoe captains the team in Sydney. South Africa was his first Commonwealth Cup as Captain.

With the Commonwealth Cup starting on Wednesday and the Royal Navy team in the air as this is written the sixth CNRC will soon be upon us.  In Part 1 I took a look at the 2003 Commonwealth Cup where this year’s hosts, the Royal Australian Navy, came to within 2 minutes of winning the cup.  In 2006 it was the turn of the Kiwis.

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If You’re Good Enough, You’re Young Enough!?

A quiz for all Navy Rugby aficionados out there.


Who is the missing player from the following list:


Kev Bethwaite, Dave Sibson, Glenn Loughlin, Chris Alcock, Les Oman, Rich Perkins, Paul Livingstone, Bill Dunham, Cass Clay, Mike Leatherland, Steve Trench, Ian Russell, Steve Jones, Bob Armstrong?


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Commonwealth Cup’s Rich History – Part 1

This is the first of three posts that looks back at some of the history of the Commonwealth Cup and hopefully will help Navy Rugby followers to understand that though the Royal Navy has always won the trophy, the tournaments themselves have been close and often full of tension.  In this first blog I focus of the 2003 tournament in New Zealand including looking at the key game through the eyes of the Royal Australian Navy.  Part 2 will look at the only four team tournament held in South Africa in 2006 and finally part 3 will revisit the last Commonwealth Cup held in Plymouth in 2009.  By then it will be Wednesday 3 October and the 2012 Commonwealth Cup will be underway as the RNZN seek to keep hold of the Shelford-Stokes Shield in the first match against tournament hosts RAN.

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2012 Commonwealth Navies Rugby Club – Preview

With the Navy team leaving next week for the 2012 Commonwealth Navies Rugby Cup (CNRC) being hosted by the Royal Australian Navy in Sydney it is an ideal opportunity to look at the current form of the three competing teams.

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Samurai and Billy May Prepare for Kenyan Safari

Billy May (left) with Navy Sharks Coach Sam Cuff (right) and Mr Fixit Scot Ashley (centre)

As previously posted former Navy Coach, Billy May, was selected to be part of  Samurai’s coaching team in this weekend’s Safaricom 7’s.  Samurai will be looking to go one better than last year when they lost to Samoa in the final.  Already the Kenyan National Selectors have announced that they are using the tournament for their national side’s preparation whilst South Africa (winners in 2006 & 2007) have again entered a strong team from their Elite Player Development Squad.

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Navy Coach Goes Big Game Hunting

Billy May, right, with Navy Rugby’s DoR Andy Kellett at this year’s Newquay Surf Sevens

Former Navy Sharks and Senior XV coach, Billy May, has been invited to be part of Samurai’s coaching team at this month’s Kenya Safari Sevens.   Continue reading »